Synth    Project:

"Out-Of-The-Box"     Synth    Designs:                                                                                          the     "Big    5"    won't    make    but    that    we    just    might....

Frustrated by the lack of imagination exhibited by today's synth manufacturers?

I've sketched some "concept-drawings" of synths I wish existed.  The UAPS "Ultimate Analog Performance Synth" to the left is

just ONE such synth.  Scroll down to see "Tomm's Grab & Go Worksation Keyboard", the "Rhythm Section" Drum Machine and my other designs.  If synth manufacturers won't produce them maybe we can

"crowd-fund" them into existence

via the "Synth Project" below!                                       ( -ABOVE  )  UAPS  SYNTH  DESIGN 

Tired of the same yawn-inducing keyboards shown at each succeeding NAMM ShowHAD IT with the boringly predictable "me too" designs "The Big 5" ( i.e: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Casio and Kurzweil ) dish out every year? If so, then check out the concept-sketches below. They're "different". Question is:  Would you buy them? 

"Would      you      support                               a     Go    Fund     Me      Campaign     to    get    these    synths                put     into     production?"

Below are some design concept sketches I've done over the years. They're drawings of synths and electronic music products I wish existed TODAY -but don't.  They reflect my frustration with the "Synth Establishment"    who insist upon giving us the same safe, boringly predicable "me too" designs every year. My concept   drawings ( below ) fill specific niches the "Big Five" have completely ignored. 


If you like what you see, mention the Synth Project designs ( -below ) on the Facebook pages of the following manufacturers:  ROLAND, KORG, YAMAHA, CASIO, KURZWEIL.  If enough of you do this maybe "The Big 5"

will realize my designs are popular with musicians ( -and therefore "profitable" to manufacture )!      


One company that pays attention to "customer feedback" is:  BEHRINGER .  Send them an e-mail                    ( -mentioning the designs on this page you like ). Perhaps they'll pay attention and put some of them into production ( -maybe even cutting me in on some of the profit and/ or sending me a free synth when my designs go into production ). That would be nice!  However, I'm not holding my breathe. If you e-mail these companies, be sure to include this link:  in your Facebook post ( -so they can visit this page to check out my drawings ). 


If these manufacturers "take a pass" on developing these designs -would you support a Go Fund Me  Campaign to get them into production? Encourage your synth and keyboard-oriented friends to visit this page and CAST  their VOTES ( -on which of these designs they like best ). If I can see there's a "market" for these items I'll go forward with this Go Fund Me campaign.  JUST LET ME KNOW!  

"Tomm's     Grab     &     Go   Workstation     Keyboard"     (   -concept    drawing )

A compact, lightweight  AC/ DC ( AA-battery operable ) 128-voice workstation keyboard small enough to slip

in a gig bag and take anywhere!  Weighing under 5 lbs and having the same dimensions as Yamaha's "ReFace" line, this full-featured unit is perfect for touring keyboardists ( -weary of lugging around big, bulky 15 -35 lb. "boat-anchor" workstations ). It's also ideally suited for project-studio use ( -where space is limited ).  


Boasting a sample set of over one-thousand high-quality ( 24-bit/ 96 Khz ) samples ( -culled from the best analog synths, keyboards, organs, string machines and tape playback instruments ) and including classic basses,  guitars and twelve built-in studio drum kits -covering a dozen music genres -this "grab & go-sized" workstation has all of the classic and vintage rock instruments you'll ever need in one keyboard! 


The unit's built-in ( 24-bit/ 96 Khz ) eight track digital-audio recorder and rear-panel ( XLR/ 1/4" ) combo jacks allow you to record both internal voices as well as EXTERNAL instruments ( -like electric guitars, basses, drum machines, miked vocals and media players ). Something that "sequencer only" workstations can't do!  The unit's eight drum pads ( -right of the keyboard ) allow you to tap in your drum parts "live" or via step method.  The pads can also  be used to trigger recorded sounds or phrases for recording back into any "open" recorder tracks ( -all in pristine 24-bit/ 96 Khz quality! ).  And recorded sounds can also be stored as "user sounds"        ( -and be played chromatically across the keyboard just like any of the unit's OTHER sample-set sounds! ).  


A large jog-shuttle dial based operating system and expansive LCD window provide quick and easy programming, mode selection and utility functions. The front panel knobs and parameter grid allow for quick, intuitive sound programming and tweaking of internal sample-set sounds. Built-in left and right ( 3-watt ) speakers provide easy "in-the-field" monitoring while the beefy pitch-bend/ mod wheel allows for easy expression. A premium quality, three octave ( mini-key ) keyboard with a velvet smooth "synth-action"

keybed  ( -like the one used in Yamaha's "ReFace line ) complete this "grab & go" workstation's

feature  complement.   

"Tomm's     Hybrid     Vintage     Synth"                                        (  -A      Desktop      Module    )

Initially conceived as a way of transforming IK Multimedia's "Syntronik" synthesizer software into a "hybrid"

( hardware ) synth -similar to Use Audio's now discontinued  "Plugiator", this compact desktop instrument could just as well be based upon the same sample set memory chip used in the ( -above ) "Grab & Go Workstation".


In this case, the "Syntronik" instrument labels ( i.e: "Memory V", "MiniMod", "PolyMorph", etc. ) would be replaced with "Analog Synth", "Classic Organs", "Classic Keys", "Vintage Basses" and "Vintage Guitars" sections reflecting the various instrument samples contained therein.  Each instrument group's parameter grid of ( 14 ) knobs, ( 3 ) multi-position switches and ( 69 ) parameters would allow for in-depth programming and tweaking of these sample set sounds. 


The large jog-shuttle knob and monochromatic LCD display near the top left corner of the folded-metal chassis would give synthesists visual feedback when programming/ tweaking and storing sounds or when scrolling through presets, various modes and utility functions. Underneath there is a 64-step sequencer complete with LED note-step lights, function buttons, transport controls and ( 4 ) sequencer "loop" modes. 


Rear panel MIDI In, MIDI Out, MIDI Thru as well as 1/4" left and right ( audio ) line out jacks, a rocker style "on/ off" switch, an AC power socket and a ( 6 x AA-battery ) compartment finish out this "Hybrid Vintage Synth's" feature complement.  

"Tomm's     "Rhythm  Section"     Machine                (  -concept     drawing     )

Definitely NOT  your dad's drum machine!  An entire "rhythm-section" in one box. The unit incorporates ( 12 ) drum kits ( -covering twelve different musical genres ). In addition you get a selection of Classic Era electric bass samples ( -i.e:  Fender Precision, Rickenbacher, etc. ), electric and acoustic guitar samples ( i.e:  Fender "Strat", Gibson "SG", Martin D-28,  etc. ) as well as a selection of synth bass sounds ( -all taken from the above "Grab  & Go" Workstation's 24-bit/ 96 Khz sample set memory chip ).   


The unit's guitar chord selection panel allows you to quickly enter chords into your compositions. It includes authentic-sounding "guitarisms" ( -like slides, pitch bends, hammer-ons/ pull-offs, capoed notes, chiffs, etc. ) for added realism. In addition, you can superimpose six different "strum patterns" onto your guitar parts

giving you the dynamics and articulation of actually "playing" a real guitar! 


The unit's ( 16 ) ergonomically arranged, velocity-sensing pads ( -whose "touch" can be user adjusted ),    make for comfortable, expressive "live" pad play or precise step entry. The unit's large jog-shuttle dial based operating system and ample LCD display allow for quick, intuitive programming, sound tweaking and mode selection. Twelve built-in effects ( -including compression, reverb, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay and stereo panner ) allows users to employ up to three effects simultaneously  ( -allowing control of up to two para-meters per effect ). 

"Tomm's    Dual-Sample    Oscillator Workstation"  (   -concept     drawing  )

"Sample-Oscillator/     Sub-Octave     Expander     Module" ( concept    drawing  )

This synthesizer expander module allows you to "fatten-up" your synth's sound with beefy sampled sounds ( -taken from "Tomm's Dual-Sample Oscillator Work-station" ). You can even "mix-in" sub-octave waveforms to augment your synth's low-end girth. Turns your wimpy sounding  synth into a ground-shaking "monster"!    

The    "UAPS"    (    Ultimate     Analog                        Performance     Synthesizer )

The "UAPS" takes live performance synthesis to a new level. The "UAPS's" "Multi-Hand Controller" ( A. ) allows the synthesist to      simultaneously control  ( 27 ) synth parameters from one hand ( -as their OTHER plays the keyboard ). Finger Groove Capacitance Sliders ( C. ) allow control of another ( 16 ) parameters in realtime ( -and serves double-duty when programming and tweaking sequencer note data ).  A 360- Degree Soundfield Tracking Ball ( B. ) allows for 360-degree panoramic panning of the soundfield.  A "Pitch-Controller Strip" ( D. ) and built-in Theremin ( E. ) add even more live-performance options. Finally, synthesists and sound-designers have instantaneous control of over ( 27 ) synth parameters for unprecedented live-performance expression and lightening fast patch-programming in an all ANALOG synth! 

The   "Desktop    Workstation"

The "Desktop Workstation"  combines the features of "Tomm's  Dual  Sample Oscillator Workstation"    with his "Rhythm Section" machine for an "all-in-one solution". You'll find the    Dual Sample's LCD screen      ( -now divided into Sample Osc. 1 & 2 sections ), all of  it's voices and polyphony,  it's parameter programming matrix, a built-in 16-track digital audio recorder plus effects along with the "Rhythm Section's" drum kits/ pads, guitar-chord matrix, guitar strum-patterns, vintage bass and guitar samples + bass synth samples.  It includes a pair of ( XLR/ 1/4" ) Combo jacks on the back panel allowing you to record external instruments ( -like electric bass, guitar and vocals ) along with  your internal Sample Oscillator and "rhythm section" parts. The "Desktop Workstation" is an "all-in-one"        solution that makes the rest of your gear ( -except for a MIDI keyboard ) pretty much expendable!   

What    Musicians    are    saying    about                   "Synth      Project's"    Synths...

"I     like     the     idea     of     a     "Grab -and -Go"     Keyboard     with     8    tracks     of     audio     recording     very     much.     If     I     could     put     my     own     samples     into    it,     even     better"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Atomic     Shadow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "I     think    your    design    suggestions    for    a     rhythm   machine     (   i.e:    the   "Rhythm    Section"   )    that    does bass    and    guitar    parts    would    be    awesome.    I'd               like    it    to    be    as    easy    to    use    as    the    Logic    Pro                                (    or    GarageBand    )   Drummer    function.    I    think UJAM    has    something    like    this"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "It     would    be    cool    to    see    a    next    generation                                             IK    Multimedia    "Grab    &    Go    Workstation"    as    you described    it.    Plus,    make    it    connect    instantly    to Logic    Pro    with    knobs,    dials    and    buttons    that work    automatically    recording,    tweaking,    etc."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Zack     U.

* NOTE:  Check out  Zack and his band's (  22-song  ) "Underground Radio" rock opera.                              It's really pretty amazing!   LINK:  "Underground Radio" Rock Opera

The     Synth    Project:

Photos of Electronic Music Work's production line. This Brazilian synth manufacturer has developed some of the most intriguing synth and modular designs you'll see! Unfortunately, the multinational "Synth Establishment" ( i.e: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Casio ) are "clueless" when it comes        to design innovation -much less listening to and developing synths their customers actually want!     Their "tone-deafness" helped to inspire this        "Synth Project".  Thanks guys!   -Tomm.                                                                                                                                                                                   ( -ABOVE  ) EMW's  BRAZILIAN  DESIGN  INNOVATION.  AN  "ALIEN-CONCEPT"  FOR  THE  "BIG  5"!  

Since it's unlikely the "Big 5" ( i.e: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Casio ) will ever produce these designs,    I'm thinking of starting a "Go Fund Me" Campaign to finance their production. However, before I do that I'd  really like to know if there's a market out there for these synths. Therefore, I'm asking synth and keyboard nerds worldwide to "weigh-in" on whether they'd actually buy  these synths if they were manufactured.


Drop me an e-mail and let me know! Would you buy one of these synths if they were produced?  And if so, WHICH ONE  ( S ) appeals to you the most?  Your "feedback" on these questions will help me to determine      if this campaign is worth going forward with ( -and if it is, WHICH designs to tackle first ).


WANTED:     USA    Synth     Designers!                    ( capable    of    "out-of-the-box"  thinking )

If the "Synth Project" becomes reality, we'll need  skilled synth designers ( -with a proven track record )  to translate my "concept-drawings" into actual working "prototypes". Printed circuit board design, component selection and sourcing are but a few of the skills that will be required.  Along with the "out-of-the-box"    design philosophy these synths demand.  If this des-cribes YOU and you'd like to participate in the project,   "OUT-OF-THE-BOX"  SYNTH  DESIGNERS  NEEDED !     drop me an e-mail.                                                                                                                                                                   

Let me know WHICH of the ( above ) designs you'd like to participate in developing.  Send me a realistic    "ball-park estimate" of what you'd charge for designing it ( -along with any problems or challenges you forsee with the design ). This will help me to estimate HOW MUCH to raise in our "crowd-funding" effort should we  go forward with it. 

WANTED!    USA-based :                                         *Printed     Circuit    Board    Makers!                                     *Electronic    Assembly    Firms!                                                 *Metal    Fabricators!                                                                                                                &   Woodworking Shops!

Obviously, if we go forward with the "Synth Project", we'll also need to locate skilled  and reliable printed circuit board manuf- acturers, electronic assembly plants and woodworking shops ( -to etch our circuit                                                                           WANTED:  SKILLED AND RELIABLE USA SYNTH ASSEMBLERS!                                                                                                                                                                art into functioning PCB's, to form and punch-out chassies and control panels and to precisely cut and finish  our synth's wood end caps ). And I'd really like to put American firms to work doing this! But here's the rub: Most of these synthesizers will be produced in very "limited runs" of ( 10 ) to maybe ( 100 ) units at a time.      If you want to be part of something "truly special" ( -these are limited "one of a kind" units that will probably never be produced again ) and your operation can handle such low "minimum runs", drop us an e-mail.    Give us your realistic "ball-park estimates" of what you'd charge to supply: TEN, TWENTY FIVE, FIFTY ( or )    ONE HUNDRED units ( i.e:  either etched PCB's, populated and soldered PCB's, punched and formed chassies  + control  panels, etc. -which ever it is that your operation  specializes in ). We'll keep you in mind if we go forward with the "Synth Project". 


*P.S:  Any printed info ( -along with past references ) you could supply us with regarding your operation  would  be helpful. We'll supply you with the mailing address to get it to us.  Just mention this in your e-mail. 

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