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Do you enjoy Prog, Spacerock and Power Metal bands like:  HAWKWIND, ELOYAYREON, MAHOGANY RUSH, CAMEL, FLOORIAN and EVERGREY?  Are you looking for compelling interviews and informative reviews of their music ( -along    with interviews of the FM rock DJ's who play their music? ).


You've come to the right place!  CTN is the home of today's                                                                            most unique and original music and audio-visual creativity!        "MUSIC FROM THE CUTTING EDGE" PAGE

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Check out our Interviews with today's most innovative Progressive Rock, Spacerock and Power Metal bands.  Peruse our Music Reviews for reviews of their albums and concert videos.  And be sure to take a look at our "Music From the Cutting Edge", "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock Show" and "Cutting Edge Radio" pages for direct links to their websites and internet videos ( -and to learn about our "Music From the Cutting Edge    of Rock" radio program ( -we hope to broadcast nationally -if we can find some FM rock stations across the country who'll carry it! ) and to learn about the radio personalities who play this "Cutting-Edge" Rock music! 

If you're a Musician, an Indie Film Maker, Computer Artist or Photographer, check out our "Gear Reviews" for reviews of affordable gear that will give you the "biggest-bang-for-    your-buck".  And check out our "Designer" interviews with  some of today's most innovative equipment designers to glean insights into their cutting-edge technology.                                                                                                                                                                                     A  MOOG  MODULAR:  Definitely above my pay grade!  

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If you're into Independent Film Making and Computer Animation, check out our Movie Reviews for reviews      of today's most intriguing sci-fi, fantasy and thriller films ( -along with reviews of some truly fascinating computer-animated features and documentary films ).  If you'd like some info on my own Spacerock        recording projects, peruse my  "Riffjam Tribe" webpage.   

Do you create your own films or computer animation? Great! "Creative Tech Nerds" salutes those who "get        off the couch" and produce their own original films,  music and computer animation. Let us know about 

what you're doing!                                                                                                                                                       


In     This     Issue:


Here are a few of the articles you'll find in the current issue of "Creative Tech Nerds". Click on the red links below to read them in their entirety. Click on the ( top ) sidebar links for additional articles and reviews.

Check out our interview with Dutch "Concept Album" mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen.  Arjen discusses            his latest, most ambitious "Ayreon" project to date:              "The Source".  Arjen also gives us some insights into            his gear, recording techniques and how he coordinates            his epic "concept albums" ( -along with his story of        working with Hawkwind founder Dave Brock on                        ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN Interview              his Star One "Space Metal" album ).        

Check out our interview with Frank Bornemann, the founder and lead guitarist of Germany's legendary progressive rock group Eloy. Frank talks about his latest album "The Vision, The Sword and the Pyre" ( Part 1 ) and how his research into Joan of Arc ( Jean d'Arc ) has become a personal avocation. Aside from the album, Frank discusses the band and some questions fans have always wond- ered about. Be sure and check out this fascinating interview!                                                                                                                    FRANK BORNEMANN Interview

In our interview with "Evergrey's" Tom Englund ( -vocalist,  lyricist and 2nd guitar for the Swedish power-metal band ), Tom discusses the impact his lyrics have had on fans. He  tells us about touring and what it's like to play in front of      65,000 screaming fans at "Hell Fest". Then, we get into  studio craft ( -"analog vs digital" ), discuss producers        and finish off by "profiling" the rest of the band.                                      TOM ENGLUND Interview

He toured the US with Hawkwind in 1978' ( -and supplied the        bass lines for their "Quark, Strangeness and Charm" and "PXR-5" albums ). His discography is as long as your arm and the list of bands he's played with reads like a "Who's Who" of British rock. Read our interview with veteran stringman Adrian Shaw. We ask Ade some decidedly unconventional questions.  Check out our interview to read his fascinating replies.                                                                                                                                                          ADRIAN SHAW Interview

Check out our interview with guitar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Frank Marino -founder of Canada's legendary  Mahogany Rush.  Frank tells us what gets his creative juices flowing these days, we cover his gear ( -none of which is  "stock" ) and talk about the sorry state of rock radio these  days.  We cover the creative output of his talented daughters and even get a word in about his wife Denyse's terrific trad-                  FRANK MARINO Interview                   itional Italian cooking.  Talk about a far-ranging interview! 


Check out our review of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's epic "Universal Migrator Parts 1 & 2" double-album.  An obscure, almost unknown "Classic" album that should rank right alongside of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".    Read why this sci-fi oriented "concept-album" deserves the attention of Prog and Spacerock fans everywhere! We provide a detailed "track by track" description of this ( two-disc ) "Classic" album's songs.



                                                                   AYREON'S "UNIVERSAL MIGRATOR ( Part 1 & 2 ) Music Reviews 2

If you enjoy freewheeling sonic-experimentation, our review of            Dave Brock's "Earthed to the Ground" album will be of interest. Combining fun, witty lyrics, acid-guitar, synthesizers and some amaz-    ingly visionary lyrics ( -that are more prescient today than when they      first debuted 40-years ago! ), this updated compilation album should    appeal to both Hawkwind fans and electronic-music afficianodoes alike. While there, Hawkfans will want to take the "Lost Brock Tunes Challenge". DAVE BROCK "EARTHED TO THE GROUND" Music Reviews 5

                                                                                                            If you're into keyboard and synth-oriented rock -check out our review of Erik Norlander's "The Galactic Collective: Definitive Edition".  It's nothing short of an audio-visual "tour de force". We give you our impressions of  it's most compelling tracks ( -both audio AND  video -since it includes both an audio CD as well as a studio performance DVD! ) along with some nice extras.                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                         ERIK NORLANDER "GALACTIC COLLECTIVE" Music Reviews 1 

Check out my "track-by-track" review of Hawkwind's "Levitation" Limited Expanded Edition ( -3 CD Box Set ). Learn why it may be    the ultimate birthday gift or Christmas present for the Hawkfan   

on your gift list. Recorded at an interesting time during the band's history ( -and jam-packed with tons of "extra goodies" ), you'll find out why the original 1980 Bronze release is just the beginning of what makes this box-set so special.     



Read my review of the Hawklords "Live 78' " album.  This live recording captures the band on a night when they were truly "firing on all cylinders".    I give you a track-by-track description of each cut on the album ( -with notes on WHY each is special or not ). Trust me, this album rocks!  Read why this disc belongs in the collection of every Bob Calvert and Hawkwind ( ...er, "Hawklords" ) fan.  At the end of the review I ask readers to "weigh-in" on whether they think the film of this concert should at last be made available HAWKLORDS "LIVE 79' " Music Reviews 4       on DVD. If enough fans request it perhaps Cherry Red will do it! 

"MUSIC      FROM    THE      CUTTING      EDGE    OF    ROCK"                                                        &     "CUTTING      EDGE       RADIO"

If you'd like to find out more about the groundbreaking Prog, Spacerock and Power Metal bands and artists above, Check out our "Music From the Cutting Edge"  page! You'll find direct links to their websites and online music videos  ( -along with links to our interviews and reviews of their best albums! ).                                                                                                                                                         "MUSIC FROM THE CUTTING EDGE" Page

Transforming our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" web page into an actual radio show is under way. Once the show's picked up by FM Rock Stations across the country -we'll be bringing you the best in Prog, Spacerock, Psychedelic, Power-Metal and Electronic-Music ( -starting around the second quarter of 2019' ). Stay tuned! 


For more details -check out the web page below: "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock Show"          And be sure to tell your friends about the show!                                  "CUTTING EDGE" ROCK

Want to learn about the DJ's who break the "corporate bean counter" mold?            Then be sure to check out our "Cutting Edge Radio" page.  In this issue we interview Dusty Blades of Athens, GA's  93.3 FM ( WPLP, Bulldog Athens ). Dusty's "up-ended" conventional FM rock by daring to play bands like Hawkwind, the Buzzcocks, Super Furry Animals and Husker Du ( - along with local Athens, GA. groups like "Casper  and the Cookies" ) on his "Sunday Night with Dusty Blades" Show.  And guess what?  It's become so popular that listeners from all over America as well as  England tune-in every Sunday night to hear it!                                                          "CUTTING EDGE RADIO" Page


Are you into synthesizers or home recording?  Do you produce your own low-budget Indie films or computer animation?  Are you into digital photography and video-making?  On a tight budget?  If so, you'll be interested  in our "Designer" Interviews. WHY?  Because we look for the best, most affordable  gear out there and then interview the designers who make it ( -so you can learn WHY  their gear is worth your limited funds! ).  

In this issue, we interview Frederic Brun, co-founder and driving force behind Arturia ( -maker of software and hardware synths and peripherals ). In our interview, Frederic discusses Arturia's long journey to become one  of the world's most innovative electronic                 FREDERIC BRUN  ( Center ) &  ARTURIA TEAM                    gear manufacturers.  We cover everything from their soft-synths and uber-affordable "MicroBrute" to their monster "Matrix-Brute" synth and lots more.  One of the most enlightening Designer interviews we've done! Check it out here:  FREDERIC BRUN "DESIGNER" Interview

One of Dance and Techno's prime movers, Jered Flickinger's Future Retro "777"  synth has become legendary. In our    interview, we cover Jered's unorthodox entry into electronic    music and discuss his fascinating "take" on beat-oriented    EM product design.  If you've ever tapped your foot to a  catchy Dance or Techno tune, chances are you're listening      to a machine designed by Jered!  Check out Jered's fasc- inating Designer interview here:  JERED FLICKINGER "DESIGNER" Interview

                                                          PAULO SERGIO DOS SANTOS "Designer" Interview    If you want to be truly inspired, read our fascinating interview with Paulo Sergio dos Santos, the founder and CEO of Brazil's Electronic Music Works ( EMW ).  Paulo's had to overcome some very daunting economic challenges in order to create EMW, one of Brazil's most inter-esting synth manufacturers. Read how he did it ( -and about his incredibly innovative EM designs! )                  I was so impressed with his work that I actually purchased TWO of his "WCS-1X" Synths for myself!     


And speaking of Paulo Sergio dos Santos' incredibly innovative work, check out my review of his beautifully done "WCS-1X" Wave Comp-osition Synthesizer!  As mentioned above, I now own TWO of these sweet "little monsters". And believe me -they truly ARE "monsters"      ( -in terms of "beefy" analogue sound-quality ).  In my review, I go  into great detail about what makes these "little monsters" so cool        and why I think they'll soon become much sought after "classics".             ELECTRONIC MUSIC WORKS "WCS-1X" GEAR REVIEW 

And keeping with the theme of small gear that "packs a punch", check out my overview of Yamaha's svelte, highly mobile "ReFace Line" of keyboards. I put the spotlight on their "CS" ( Control Synth ) model and get into specifics on it's good as well as bad points. Believe me, the good over-weigh the bad!  And I go beyond the review to suggest      a new "ReFace" model I think Yamaha ought to consider     YAMAHA'S "REFACE CS"  GEAR REVIEW   ( -supplying readers with a description of it's features and a diagram of what it would look like ). Then I ask  our "key-wise" readers to "vote" on whether THEY think Yamaha should put this model into production!

BEHRINGER's "B-1" CONDENSER MICROPHONE GEAR REVIEW                          Own a small bedroom project-studio?  Looking for a $100.00 mic that can handle just about anything you throw at it?  Check out my review of Behringer's incredible "B-1" Condenser mic.  I get into the "specs" and then do some actual "real-world tests" of this mic. with vocals, narration and capturing several instruments. Read why this mic. may just be the BEST $100.00 expenditure you can make on your studio. I think my review will make you a "true believer".  Once again, I've put my "money where my mouth is" and snapped-up one of these puppies for myself. Yeah, it really IS that good!  Check out the review to see WHY!


Are you into music and recording?  Interested in what it takes to make a "hit" record or song?  Are you a fan of pop-music?  Fascinated by the evolution of both American jazz    & British pop over the years ( i.e:  the "British Invasion" )?  If so, this "doco" has your name written all over it.  In my review I give you a detailed "disc-by-disc description" of  just what you'll find in this mesmerizing documentary.                                                                             "SOUNDBREAKING" ( MUSIC DOCUMENTARY ) MOVIE REVIEW

Wonder about UFO's and what's going on at "Area 51"?  Like being scared?          Want to go on a break-neck "thrill ride" for an hour and a half?  Rent or buy            this movie!  In my detailed review of this film, I go through the entire storyline        and give you a feel for WHY this movie is perhaps Oren Peli's best yet! And while    the "critics" have panned this film -I'll go on record as saying it kept me on the    edge of my seat the whole way through. If you enjoy intelliegnt sci-fi and white knuckle, breathless "thrill rides" you'll enjoy this movie. At the end I include a          link to the movie's "trailer".  *NOTE:  If you're a low-budget film maker -this      "AREA  51" ( SCI-FI MOVIE ) MOVIE REVIEWS 2             movie and it's "trailer" are prime examples of                                                                                              HOW good  low-budget film-making is done! 

One of the most "eye-opening" documentaries I've seen! That's how I'd describe True Legend's "The UnHoly See". This doco will take you on a globe-trekking adventure of discovery ( -and have you reassessing all you've been told by "the powers that be" ). Learn why this documentary is absolutely "key" to unraveling   

a coming deception of cosmic proportions.                                                                                                                           TRUE LEGENDS: "THE UNHOLY SEE" MOVIE REVIEWS 3

Lastly, if you enjoy Spacerock and Sci-Fi ( -and are intrigued by space exploration, UFO's, conspiracies & the unknown ), check out my "RiffJam Tribe" page.  My debut CD release:  "First Contact" is slated for July, 2019' release.  The album    will tackle these topics and more.  Stay tuned for periodic    "updates" on the album's progress ( -with music excerpts                                                                              coming in May or June of 2019' ).                                                       "RIFFJAM TRIBE" PAGE             

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